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Man 1 Seeking Lady 1 for Friendship

Barking (London)

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I am Mike .
A well groomed true English gentleman, educated with a rich tapestry of life experiences. I am well-versed in the relationship game- I know how to connect and take the lead . 50/50 is important to me and i prefer sharing rather than being selfish ,both of us should have control and experience feelings control gives . I am a charming man and have a radiant personality, above all iam determined to make the right decisions in life . helping people is important to me and smart people would say hell on earth needs sorting out.

During our time together I will deepen your wants and satisfy many of your requirements with the right decisions and positive energy. I can be your boyfriend for public liaisons and your partner in crime for an exciting adventure , excite you in the morning and night . I like love joy and passion, the action adventure and fantasy ,my intentions will be right for you and me .

Outdoor Entertainment, sports etc)
shopping companion, London tour (restaurants, great clubs, art galleries and museums, etc)
Look for Information about finding fantastic energy and great high's
Internet, TV/music.

9 month ago i was talking to a girlfriend (ex now ) we talked about going to very wealthy gardens in central London for fun, chapels community halls and social clubs amazing places with great gardens .The gardens got us thinking cause i told her 1 day a week the gardens in a Westminster church will be empty for 3 hours , we were allowed in alone for a picnic and no dead people buried there . If your interested in wonderful experience's like that i will tell you much more later.
English/white Age 39
Average build brown eyes/hair 63 height
Desirable eyes, (I've been told, ha ha) Attractive/cute
Directing/management construction
Ex semi pro football player
If you think I tick the right boxes contact me
I must point out due to the number of idiot's online, DON'T SEND ME MESSAGE PLS IF YOUR ONLY MESSING ME ABOUT !
Bye .
. Age: 39
Man 1 Seeking Lady 1 for Friendship
Man 1 Seeking Lady 1 for Friendship

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